REVEALING THE DIMOND Podcast with Tiaga Prem

It is always a pleasure to have meaningful conversations with those close to us. And it is even more enjoyable when there are a few laughs as well. It was my absolute pleasure to be invited on to the Revealing the Diamond Podcast with my good friend and soul brother Tiaga Prem as the first guest in the new chapter of this podcast which connects with yoga teachers, their practices and daily lives.  

Read below from Tiaga Prem: 

A new chapter in Revealing the Diamond has arrived! Conversations with the incredible teachers who inpire our daily lives. Today , on Episode 1 Tiaga Prem sits down to discuss yoga, meditation, healing, and friendship with International Yoga Teacher, Film Maker, and Adventurer Andrew Misle. Listen in on this candid conversation  

We're just getting used to this new recording technology so please be patient as we make these recordings the most efficient possible. For more on Andrew Misle check out or follow him on Instagram.

You can also learn more about the SATTVA - lineage of Yoga Andrew teaches here


Big thank you to Tiaga Prem for having me on.  Check out The Dharma Temple & Tiaga Prem. Additional episodes of the "Revealing the Diamond" podcast can be found on iTunes. 


Here's the episode.  Enjoy!

Andrew Misle