Andrew's workshops explore different elements of the SATTVA practice as they relate to specific postures, areas of the body, development of the mind and various techniques. Workshops include asana, pranayama and meditation as well as a focus on the philosophy of yoga and how it transcends into our day-to-day life. 

Andrew Misle Spine Workshop

My Divine Spine

My Divine Spine:

Yogananda Parhmahansa quoted “God is in the Spine”. It is through the spine that we have direct access to the intelligence of the universe. It is the balancing of energies in your spine and the openness of the heart center that can determine the outcome of your spiritual progress. This workshop is designed to help gain clarity as you learn to support the extension of the spine and develop a radiant presence in the heart. We will use the body as a tool to delve deeper and feel more connected to your spiritual practice.

Andrew Misle Hanuman Workshop

The Great Devotee

The Great Devotee:
Hanumanasana (front splits) 

Hanumanasana (front splits) symbolizes taking a leap of faith as Hanuman did in service to Lord Rama when he leaped across the ocean to Sri Lanka as told in the ancient text of the Ramayana. When performing this asana, one should meditate on overcoming hurdles by inwardly focusing on the breath, opening the gateway to balance, peace of mind, and a deeper connection to Self. This workshop will systematically open your hip flexors while creating stability in your hips and pelvis to access increased flexibility and range of motion. Variations for every body will be explored to assist in developing more depth and ease to this advanced asana. 

Andrew Misle Hips to Heart

From Hips to Heart

From Hips to Heart

This workshop is inspired by the relationship of our pelvis to our daily attitudes and emotions. Explore how unlocking the hips can uncover innate wisdom and creative energy within you. When we begin to open this area of the body, energy that was once blocked begins to move more freely so that one can release the heart and begin to experience life with more joy and love.

Andrew Misle Lotus Workshop

Free your lotus, root in bliss

Free your Lotus, Root in Bliss

The lotus flower must dig down into the mud and find its way through the murk in order to blossom into its essence and perfect beauty. Like the lotus, we come into this life pure; but there is no escaping the murk and confusion we must go through to find our essence, our light, and our perfect awareness. The pose, Padmasana (Lotus Pose), is one of the most sacred of the asanas, especially in its use as a throne for meditation practice over an extended period of time. Delve into the science, philosophy and preparatory process to access this sacred seat safely and comfortably.

Andrew Misle Sweet Warrior Workshop

Sweet Warrior

Sweet Warrior

A restorative practice of supported postures, coming more and more in line with the sattvic way of life. Slowing down the practice to gain more awareness in the body. Students will immerse themselves in a deeper understanding and direction in which to take their practice and address their individual needs.

Andrew Misle Core Workshop

Straight to the core

Straight to the Core

When we think of strengthening our core, we tend to think only of stomach muscles and abs; this is partially inaccurate. Just as strong, flexible and engaged core muscles provide strength and ease to the body, delving to the deep layers of core experience that exist at the center of ALL the tissue of the body can bring about the kind of bliss and harnessed vital energy that connects us to our truest essence. This workshop introduces a technical practice to align the natural intelligence of body and an exploration of the bandhas that will bring a whole new dimension to“strengthening the core”.

Andrew Misle Legs Workshop

Free your legs

Free your Legs and the rest will follow

This workshop is designed to specifically target and open up the legs so that you can unlock openness within your entire practice. We will use a combination of supported postures with seated and standing postures to align, strengthen, and open up the quads and hamstrings through a focus on the integrative action lines of the legs.

SATTVA Ananda Meditation


SATTVA Ananda Meditation

This workshop will introduce the SATTVA Ananda Meditation technique which is designed to guide an individual to full self realization. First, by attuning to the comfort of the body, followed by using the breath to consolidate the mind and strengthen attention and finally, developing the pure concentration of the mind to rest into a state of pure authentic bliss.     


Andrew offers his workshops at studios within Canada and internationally. If you are a studio owner/director and would like to host Andrew at your studio, please contact us using the button below. 

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