Private Classes

Andrew's private classes offer the depth and individual growth to his students on the journey of their practice. Whether you are new to yoga or a recently graduated yoga teacher looking to strengthen your teaching practice, Andrew has a one-on-one offering to help you develop exactly what you're seeking to cultivate.


cultivating your path 

Nurturing New Yoga Practitioners

New to Yoga: CUltivating your Path

This is a unique opportunity to work with Andrew and establish a solid foundation for your yoga practice that will allow you to grow to your highest potential. Work with Andrew to design a practice catered to your personal needs as well as time and space for questions and discussion. In these sessions we will explore asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy. The invitation for a self-sustained on-going practice is offered to the student wishing to continue on their path.


deepening your practice

for Intermediate Students

Intermediate student:
Deepening your personal practice

Andrew has gained notoriety for offering intentional adjustments and assists that help to take the advancing practitioner to the next level in their practice.  Andrew is passionate about working with advancing students and helping them find key techniques and philosophy that will open the next level of depth in their practice.

This class is designed for practitioners with a minimum of 4 years of dedicated public and home practice. The class is self-led, following a sequence sheet previously practiced. What you’ll receive is 90 minutes of coaching, adjustments and savasana care. Followed by 30 minutes of discussion and space for questions

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Mentorship program

Supporting Yoga Teachers

teacher mentorship program

This program is designed to support yoga teachers in developing the specific skills necessary in becoming an effective and confident yoga teacher. In these powerful one-on-one mentoring sessions, Andrew shares his extensive knowledge he's acquired and fine-tuned throughout his many years of teaching. This program is ideal for either Edmonton-based or international teachers, as mentoring sessions are available both in-person and via Skype or FaceTime. Following each one-on-one session practices and readings are offered to deepen one's teachings and ongoing development. A minimum 3-month commitment is recommended.  


To inquire about Andrew's private sessions, please complete and submit the form below. We're looking forward to supporting you in your practice!