Kelby Saruk's offering at Warrior Sage 2019

“Vibrate Your Truth”

The workshop offering has its foundation in kundalini yoga, meditation and sound meditation/therapy. The work will open the attendee to view their truth from the inside out by opening the energy centres to help align the individual to their inner truth and sound. We will aim to build and cultivate a container to carry there energy forth into the world bountiful, blissful and beautifully, to be a beacon of change and inspiration in this the year of 3 the builder of destiny. The workshop flow will entail opening by setting an intention for the practice, awakening/aligning movement, kriya, deep relaxation/yoga Nidra/sound journey meditation (crystal quartz singing bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, overtonal instruments, gong, drone shrunk box, vocals and atmospherical samplers)and then finish with an intention setting meditation. Leaving the attendee full and contained to share their sacred balance and inner love with all beings.

Who is Kelby?

Moving from the dance floor to the mat Kelbey is interested in bridging the gap between spiritual practice and the subtle movements of life through sound. Working to find the through line of love. Focusing in the realms of frequency and vibration he creates a space for self love and healing through the practices of ritual, meditation, deep listening.

Kelbey has been practicing yoga for over a decade. He has taken a Kundalini Yoga training at The Dharma Temple with Tiaga Prem and SJ. Now teaching and offering sound meditation in class at The Dharma Temple twice a week and offer sound meditation in conjunction with Tiaga Prem's Yoga, Meditation and sound class twice a week at The Dharma Temple as well. Holding a monthly residence offering Sonic Breathwork with Annelise Sullivan @spiritedroots. Which is a powerfully deep pranayama breathwork combined with a high energetic sound experience and then a nurturing sound relaxation meditation to allow the attendees to integrate the profound healing work. I have been working with many mediums of sound creation, frequential research, and therapy for over a decade. Working with quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, gong, clarinet, Shruti drone box, vocals, electronic samplers, and loopers. I would love to offer a space to connect the spiritual practice of self love with sound, and vibrational therapy. To create a healing experience for all who attend.





Andrew Misle