Richard Klein's offering at Warrior Sage 2019

Men and the Water of Life

There is a time in the life of most men when replenishment is needed. When the water of life, the sense of vitality, of enthusiasm, and purpose has dried up, and gone underground. In our culture, this time  gets called “midlife crisis” , or is neglected altogether, because we lack a language of understanding how difficulty can be the very crucible that pushes us to grow and change.

Perhaps we have long cared for others and neglected our own needs

Or we have pursued status, and security through accomplishment only to realize that neither provides real nourishment.

Raised in a culture that tells men to “suck it up”, we can find ourselves in relationships that are shallow, or difficult, disconnected from the truth of our own inner experience.

Water is the element that brings back life and quenches thirst. As it touches a seed, the brittle husk opens, new allowing green shots to take root.

This retreat is an opportunity to sit in a circle of men, learn from each other, and turn toward the sources of replenishment that are available to us just under the surface of our experience.

There will be opportunity to listen to each others stories, to learn new things, and to enter into deeper restorative conversations about creative work, healthy sexuality, being with difficulty, growing in our relationships, giving back to our communities. And the hunger many men feel for the fathering they may not have received.

We will use yoga and breathing as means to come more fully into our bodies, to feel the space inside ourselves that holds our inner authority and room for the transcendent.


We will sit on the earth in a sweat lodge ceremony, and let go, perhaps, of burdens that are no longer worth carrying. The goal of our three days together will be to give each of you, in your own way, a taste of what brings back the water of life. And with it, the life affirming vitality and purposefulness that is the true gift of men.

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