Andrew Misle's offering at Warrior Sage 2019

Building The Inner temple

The Original temples of the asian subcontinent were not built as houses for religious worship, temples were built as sophisticated technological structures that amplify and retain frequencies in order to help a person reach higher states of the human potential. The ancient sages who built these temples had a deep understanding of the agama shastras and how to use sacred geometry, sound, mantra and rituals to consecrate spaces. In a temple anyone could simply sit, be quiet and become naturally meditative, within the walls was contained an energetic doorways to feel the more subtle realms and touch the divine. Over time a seeker would understand the true nature of devotion as a sweetness and an awakening happening deep within.

In the way the agama shastras were used in temple, SATTVA yoga practices are designed to amplify and increase the frequency of intelligent life within a human system for the purpose of Self realization and karmic liberation. There’s no need for a belief system, just a true desire to know one’s self more deeply and in doing so, untangle patterns in our lives that prevent us from true intimacy with our purpose, our people and our world. The only object of devotion is the awakening of one’s true identity and the genealogical healing the ensues from such work.

Building the Inner Temple will be a series of practices designed to develop a wakeful meditative body and mind, suitable for the inner work we’ll be delving into throughout the weekend. These sessions will include posture practice, sound, meditation and yoga discussions. It is well known that once placed on the spiritual path, the only temple entered is the one within.

“I looked in temples, churches, and mosques. But I found the divine within my heart” - Rumi





Andrew Misle