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Resolve and Evolve at Modo

Join Andrew for a weekend immersion of dynamic and restorative practices that build balance, inner strength, and energy. Breath work and meditation are incorporated into classes to strengthen the lungs and centre the mind. These sessions weave rich insight, humour and depth to leave you feeling inspired and grounded, and ultimately more free.

Saturday 26th

1:30m to 3:30pm |

Awaken Your Subtle Strength

“When we think of strengthening our core, we tend to think only of stomach muscles and abs; this is partially inaccurate. Just as strong, flexible and engaged core muscles provide strengthand ease to the body, delving to the deep layers of core experience that exist at the center of ALL the tissue of the body can bring about the kind of bliss and harnessed vital energy that connects us to our truest essence. Join Andrew as he introduces a technical practice to align the natural intelligence of body, breath, and mind that will bring a whole new dimension to “strengthening the core”.

Sunday 27th

6:00pm to 8:00pm

Spinal Bliss

Yogananda Parhmahansa quoted “God is in the Spine” - it is through the spine that we have direct access to the intelligence of the universe. It is the balancing of energies in your spine and the openess of the heart center that can determine the outcome of your spiritual progress. This class is designed to help gain clarity as you learn to support the extension of the spine and develop a radiant presence in the heart. We will use the body as a tool to delve deeper and feel more connected to your spiritual practice

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