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The Great Devotee

Hanuman is the monkey superhero whose myths teach us that anything is possible when we come from the devotion of the heart. JOIN me this SATURDAY at 5pm for a exploration on the concepts of abhyasa (practice) Vairagya (detachment) and Ishvara Pranidhana (practice of complete surrender) as inspired by the myth of Hanuman. 
We will explore preparatory postures, bhandas and breath techniques to open the 3 main poses dedicated to Hanuman. Anjaneyasana (lunge), Virasana (Hero’s pose), and Hanumanasana (front splits) . We will uncover how these poses directly engage with and eventually release holding patterns in the physical body that elicit reactions like fear, anger and perpetual disillusionment. Lord Hanuman symbolically represents the transformation of mankind when devoted and aligned to higher virtues of Self, becoming stabilized in total surrender to a divine path (Dharma). As the son of Vayu (God of wind), he symbolically represents life energy or prana in our bodies, he is the representation of the inner breath that can help the lower self (Sita) that is lost to ignorance to reunite with its true companion of the inner soul (Rama).
Thus, Hanuman represents many things at many levels. He is a perfect example of true devotion, courage, friendliness and complete surrender. He is the story of the animal-man in us who through the path of devotion and service to Self, can purify himself and attain final liberation. 
Expect a philosophical discussion on the stories of the deities that embody the yoga practice as well as an asana sequence to liberate the body by exploring the prep-postures and the final variation of hanumanasana with ease. If you are interested in exploring the deeper meaning of the asanas, this workshop is for you!


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